gaelle chazel the universe doesn't allow perfection
⤑ full name gaelle marjorie chazel ⤑ nicknames titi - family only ⤑ age + birth date 30 - July 16, 1984 ⤑ zodiac sign cancer ⤑ hometown quiberon, france ⤑ residence paris, france ⤑ occupation actress, model ⤑ sexuality + status bisexual - southern peach ⤑ religion + politics science - socialism
From the beginning she had no idea what she was going to do with her life, Gaelle had never been a planner. Instead, she happened to focus on the 'now' and what she wanted to do in that exact moment. Her childhood had been filled with various projects she never really carried on and a lot of creative activities that she could drop as easily as she had started: ballet, drawing, horse riding, music lessons, swimming and the list goes on. A curious child living in a small town by the sea, whose favorite pass time was to collect shells and go fishing. Typical, in most ways. Perhaps what truly managed to stand out was her bluntness this wide eyed child expressed herself with. Gaelle had no filter, which is cute when you're a child but becomes problematic when you're in age to understand what's good, what's bad and how you should behave. Her parents certainly tried to teach her the ways, to tone it down as once said her father; to count until ten before speaking said her mother. Everyone had an advice to give and she listened to them all. With more or less success.

It was not until she reached the dreadful teen age phase that Gaelle understood what adults had tried to explain to her. As if a button had been pressed, her eyes saw a world she was not sure she wanted to live in. She didn't have much choice, a godawful truth she eventually faced but had a hard time accepting. The only answer to her, that was not falling into a pit of bad behaviors which would eventually become a problem, was to run away from this reality. With the help of fiction she managed to except the responsibilities, the commentaries from fellow classmates who somehow found her to be odd and out of place. A feeling that stuck with her until she left her oceanside home for a more Parisian lifestyle years later. Fitting it was not a priority but it certainly would have made her life and experience as a teenager much more enjoyable. A stress that only pushed her into the fictional lives of characters she somehow connected better with, Gaelle joined the drama club of her school. There was a certain awakening happening. The theater was a world that kept you safe and locked, while keeping everything problematic at the door. She fell in love, deeply, with the stage and her co-stars.

Following the advice of her teacher, she left without much but two bags, one containing half of her books and movies along with notebooks. She was not a writer but much like some of her favorites she had found it therapeutical to write down how she felt. Enrolling at the famous Cours Florent in Paris, she rubbed elbows with some famous actors as teachers and the future big names of her generation. If there was one thing she was not it was competitive; like a sponge she absorbed every word, every advice, every criticism, every touch for the next three years. She wanted to become better, not the best but at least be proud of herself and for the first and only time she wanted to go somewhere. Of course she didn't know more than what her guts told her but she had a dream to follow, something her parents had feared she would never really find.

It was a relief for them, even better for her when she obtained her first part that was not in a commercial or simply to fill room as a standing, sitting, silent or talking body for the more important characters in the scene. The evolution of her character is something she will keep on crediting to her agent, her talent and ambition certainly other factors that she couldn't ignore, but she had found a great partnership and someone who know how she processed. Notices of auditions to attend, line reading and screen tests were always done with her gut as the main driver. If she didn't feel it, the scene, the project she simply didn't go. A note was sent to her agent, sometimes a phone call to explain that this was not for her. Never did she feel that she had wasted opportunities.

And when she found herself at the center of attention at the age of 22 for Don't Worry, I'm fine she was still too young and lacking experience to understand or know how to handle a sudden stardom. She didn't feel intimidated, not for one bit. Shyness and Gaelle had never really worked out anyway, a relationship that had gone sour before it even started. If anything, it opened for her new doors that she rushed through and when she found herself facing Tarantino's very own door she knew she had hit the jackpot. He was one of the few she had fallen for during her teenage years, a reality so messed up that she could believe it. The role of Shoshana in this World War II fantasy widened her horizons as an actress and for the second time in her life; she packed her bags and crossed the ocean for a whole new experience.

Los Angeles had been an experiment, something she never really knew what to make of. A city with its qualities without doubt but it was New York who had wrapped its fingers around her. She would never leave, not completely at least. She found another reality that made sense to her and she could adapt without trouble. While she build another life on the East coast, she spent time working on American productions before eventually returning to the French ground a couple of years later. Something she realized: she was never going to be able to quit. The opportunities on both side were hard for her to ignore and while many dream of the Hollywood and international career, there was something cozy and familiar, something that reminded her of home in the French cinema. Something that she truly needed.

She played the French girl many times, despite the fact she could really hide that accent of hers. Very few was she given another card to toy with but it was always entertaining her. The fear of type casting didn't cross her mind once. It was the fear of having to choose or being force to pick a side that only knocked at her door. Something she had learned to ignore as the months and years passed by. The lack of planning didn't stop her from moving forward and if there's anything she couldn't be more certain of, it's how her guts are her best ally

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facts • Graduated from Cours Florent in 2005.

• Bookworm at its finest, her home is filled with piles of books, even in the most random and unpractical places.

• Her brother is the frontman of a pretty well-known band in France.

• While two have never lived together, Gaelle and her brother have always lived within walking distance from each other. They are currently separated by a ten minutes walk in quartier Rochechouart.

• Coming from a semi-atheist family, she never felt any call from religion or God in any way. She is a firm believer in science who does not see the possibility of alien life as something completely insane.

• Following the disaster of #TheWreckoning and more than forced coming out, Gaelle and her ex put an end to what was everything but an healthy friendship, moving out of their shared apartment in Brooklyn.

• Her parents used to own and manage an oceanside hotel. They sold it when she was a teenager and now run a restaurant.

• Living in the city she never saw the use of having a car; she only got her driving license at 26.

• Speaks English, Spanish and currently learning Russian (for the 3rd time)

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